15 April 2023

Conference in Paris on OUP Handbook “History of Quantum Interpretations”

On the occasion of the publication of the Oxford University Press Handbook on the History of Quantum Interpretations (co-edited by NBA’s director Christian Joas), from 14–15 April 2023 a conference was held in Paris that brought together physicists, historians, and philosophers interested in the history of the interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Nearly a century after its formulation and despite its unprecedented predictive successes in accounting for physical processes, quantum mechanics is still at the center of lively debates. In the same spirit as The Oxford Handbook of the history of Quantum Interpretations, the two days offered a historical overview of the contrasts that have been at the heart of quantum physics over the past 100 years. Drawing on the extensive expertise of lecturers working in the fields of physics, history, and philosophy, the objective of these two days was to fuel the ongoing debate on the foundations of quantum mechanics by dealing with the major open questions concerning the interpretations of Quantum Mechanics.

Speakers included (in order of appearance) Alain Aspect, Franck Laloë, Roger Penrose, Wayne Myrvold, Helge Kragh, David Kaiser, Christian Joas, Simon Saunders, Anja Skaar Jacobsen, Olival Freire Jr., Kristian Camilleri, Jean Bricmont, and Alexei Kojevnikov.

The program and links to videos of the lectures can be found here. Here are direct links to the lectures by NBA’s Helge Kragh and Christian Joas.